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Today we’re going to talk about the next important piece to starting an online business for your website. Hopefully by now you have built out a website for your business for customers and potential clients to visit to see what services your company/business offers them.

At this point you need people to talk about your website via their own website. You may wonder how this is possible.

The way in which this happens is when someone points an anchor text link to your website. An anchor text is a clickable link to another persons website. The more links that you have pointing to your website is technically a vote in the eyes of search engines that your website is relevant and liked for the key terms they are linked for.

For instance, if I wanted to link to a plumbers website for the key term “plumbers”, I would just hit the link button for my text, and then type in the plumbers website. This will help google, yahoo and bing notice this plumbers website.

Tomorrow I will be back on to talk about my next tip which has to do with content for your website.

Thanks guys and have a great day!!

One big part to running a business online or running your own business in general is getting local citations out there. When you get local citations out there in business directories, it will help boost your companies name up to the top of google in the local map section. This section can be seen at the very top of googles 1st page when you type in a city and its niche that you are looking for.

What local citations are is just putting your company name, address and phone number and other information into business directories and it’s a sign to search engines that you have an important company in the eyes of customers and it helps boost your company up the rankings.

Just want to drop in quickly here and let you guys know the website is currently under construction. It will be updated over the course of the next few days so make sure to get your ass back here!!

We will draw out tips and strategies to run your business on the web whether it be design, SEO, etc.

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