I feel like this is an absolute given for people who are trying to rank their websites high in google and other search engine for that matter.

The more well thought out and original your content is and the more “authoritative” it is in googles eyes the better off your website will be as far as rankings are concerned.

Copy and pasting information/content from another source or website is an absolute no-no in the eyes of search engines. If you are doing this then it will only be a matter of time before your website will get slapped by google and it will essentially be unrecoverable. If you are ranking well with that type of strategy then it will only be a matter of time before your website is going to get hit with a penalty and you will never be able to rank it will ever again. Be careful and be smart when writing content so that your stuff is originally written.

Also, when I talk about making sure your content is authoritative, this means it should be at least 500 words per page/article. This will make it look like you actually know what you’re talking about on the topic. If you are writing out 200 word articles each and every time you have something to say to your audience then it is not going to look like anything special.

Again, Like I said in the previous post, getting links from other websites surely will help your ranking boost up and boost up rather quickly.

Take these tips and you will certainly get noticed in the eyes of search engines.